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Posted on March 30, 2011 by billhandler

I would like to tell you a little bit about how I got to Vero Beach and my new GHO home.

Years ago, I had my first flight, a trip to the United States.

I had left my home, in Belgium that morning, in November, with a Fur Coat on, it was so cold.

Oh, was I surprised when I landed in Tampa that evening. Nice and warm.

So, of course, who wouldn’t fall  in love with Florida.

I was so tired of months of rain, snow and overall lots of cloudy days. So depressing.

Later, as I was approaching 55, I decided, it was time for me to settle in Florida.

My sister and I, visited approx, 50 homes from Melbourne to Port St Lucie.

We heard about GHO homes, a reputable builder, had different projects along the East Coast.

VERO BEACH was one of places with a few communities, where GHO homes was building.

TRILLIUM, was my first choice and became my home.

From the moment I saw the Model, Biscayne, I instantly fell in love with it.

Patti Croswell, also showed me  the Princeton, Stockton. Nice homes, too big for me.

As so many others, I had to sell my house first, before I could invest in a new one.

Patti, salesperson, kept in touch with me for weeks.We became friends.

One day, I got her call, asking me if I was still interested in the Model. It was for sale.

I could buy the Biscayne all furnished.

To make the story short, I moved into my beautiful Biscayne , in Trillium, end of August 2010.

The Biscayne is 1616 sqft under air. My house has bay windows in Kitchen, Master bedroom and Den.

Kitchen has upgraded cabinets and granite countertops.

Master bathroom, two vanities, his and hers. Two big Walk in Closets.

Guest bedroom has also a Walking Closet.

They always say ” if it is meant to be, it will be yours”.

I am very happy that I bought from GHO HOMES. No problems at all.

People in TRILLIUM are very friendly. HOA is not very expensive.

GHO homes offers a variety of models. Tailored to your needs.

If you are in  VERO BEACH, look also into FIELDSTONE, STONEYBROOK and SOUTH LAKES..

All information about these communities you can find online. Go to GHOHOMES.COM

On top of it all,GHO HOMES, recently offered me a Job and  I accepted.

Who else can tell you about the experience living in a GHO home, of course an resident/owner.

I don’t speak YET, Spanish(still learning), but, besides English, I speak French, Dutch, German, and some Greek.

Because, who better can tell you about the experience living in a GHO home.

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