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Why Buy New ….. New Homes Are A Better Choice

Posted on May 30, 2011 by billhandler

The words “Short Sale” and “Foreclosure” describe homes that have been lived in, are most likely abused in the last few years, and are usually located in neighborhoods with multiple bank owned properties. These homes are purchased by people from all walks of life at a “cheap” price. Usually the purchasing process is a long drawn out process, and many times your offer is rejected.

With GHO Homes, your price is established now and the Purchase Contract is approved immediately.

Another major concern are the Warranties —- There are none with bank owned properties !
It’ is amazing how many things seem to go wrong right after you move in. Do you have the cash to fix that failed air conditioner, or replace drywall ?

Today, GHO Homes is selling our homes at price levels of years ago to compete with bank owned properties. Additionally, what is piece of mind worth when moving into a new home where you customized a plan to meet your personal needs with our “Tailor Made Program”, get the fresh smell of a new home, receive a 10 year Bonded Builders Warranty, and enjoy state of the art building materials and appointments.

People are living in their homes for a longer period of time than ever before so what you purchase in quality construction and living in a solid desirable neighborhood is well worth the easy process of going NEW !

Check GHO Homes out and see for yourself why we believe in NEW over the Other.

new is better

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by: JF, 05/2011

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