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Posted on June 27, 2011 by billhandler

Anny’s Thoughts …. June 2011

Florida,” Sunshine State” !
GHO Homes is still working hard , to show you more new homes, in our different communities
in Vero Beach.
While different States up North are suffering. Tornadoes, flooding, exhausting heat,
Vero Beach, Florida is enjoying pretty steady Summer temperature between 80 and 90.
Come and experience it for yourself. You have nothing to loose.
Because I lived North, Central and South Florida , I would say, temperature wise it is divided .
Above Orlando , variable in Winter and Summer, sometimes freezing temperatures.
From Orlando to Vero Beach, Indian River County, in my experience it is more sub-Tropical , while from West Palm Beach ,Miami is called tropical.
Not that I am a frequent beachgoer, but the air is so much better to breath in Vero Beach.
Traffic is not bad, even in the Winter when “Snowbirds” are back. A lot of shopping too.
That’s why I bought my New Home in Vero Beach, from GHO Homes, Trillium on 66th Ave.
Now that another holiday is around the corner, why not taking a break from your daily live,
come and visit GHO Homes in Vero Beach. Maybe you fall in love with one of our new homes,
Gho homes, will also built your new home on your own lot, outside of the communities.
Your brand new home will be tailor made to your needs. GHO homes salesteam is excellent and will sit down with you and builder Bill H.
We have a lot of different models. I am sure you will like one of them.
Patti and John, GHO Homes , salesteam, work hard on finding a solution to all you needs.
And while in Vero Beach, why not start your visit to Trillium on 66th Ave. There is Pool, clubhouse, excercise room. HOA fees not high. No worries, Landscape is taking care of.
I personally live there and I love it. Neighbors are very nice and weekly we have our gathering,
together in somebody’s drive ,and have fun, its’ our moto. Bring your chair and BYB. We
are calling it – “Neighorhoodwatch”
FYI, GHO Homes, just finished their brand New home in South Lakes, it will be their 3rd office.
For additional information, please go online and take a moment to
check and tour our inventory. You can also talk to our salesteam, just dial 772 257 1100.
our just send us an E-mail.
Come and enjoy Vero Beach, Florida, on the of 4th July.


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