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Posted on August 19, 2011 by billhandler

Grandparents like to think or dream about spending Winter holidays, in Vero Beach, Florida

For all the people who live up North, and Mid West, do you really want to see another cold, miserable, wet Winter again. I have been through it. Don’t forget the boiling hot temperature 3-digits, this Summer. Vero Beach ,didn’t go there. Highest in the low 90s and always a nice breeze or an afternoon shower to cool off, or even better go to the beach.

How do I convince you to move to Vero Beach, Florida. Buy a new home from GHO Homes,
so at least you could spend the winter with us.

Some people just do that, because they have grandchildren up North, or West. After a few months they miss them. Grandma and Grandpa go back to their families, usually around Easter,well rested, happy and have a nice healthy tan. Everybody is happy.

Why, you ask me, would you buy a new house from GHO Homes in Vero Beach.
Well, I bought the Biscayne, last year, in Trillium , on 66th Ave, and I can witness about the quality of my home and after service from GHO homes.

This week, I met people who had been looking for weeks, at homes, saw a tremendous amount of resale, but also new, in our area. They then made comparisons ,price versus quality and came finally to the conclusion, they were better off buying a new home from -GHO Homes in Vero Beach.
GHO Homes, gives you the possibilities, to make changes on your floorplan. They call it
their TAILOR MADE program.

Last month GHO Homes,added a brand new Model home, Columbia Grande, in South Lakes, on Oslo Road, Vero Beach.
Fieldstone Ranch, on 77th Street, has also a Model Home, Carmel , to show you
Please, when you are visiting, also go toTrillium, 66th Ave.with Clubhouse and pool, it is not age restricted. HOA is reasonable. They take of yr landscaping and lawn while you are gone.
The Model Home in Trillium is a Biscayne.
There are only a few lots left, so hurry up and join us this winter for the Holiday party.

GHO homes, does not only built in Vero Beach, they will also built on yr land in the surrounding
If you like to know more, just go online “ “ you will find a lot of information,
While you are there, don’t forget to take the virtual tour of our models and communities.
Can’t find it. Call GHO Homes at 772 257 1100- Patti or John, will be available to answer your question. You may also send a e-mail.
Models are open daily for showing Monday- Saturday -from 10am-5pm, Sunday12pm-5pm

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