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Retire to Vero Beach with a New GHO HOME – 2012

Posted on January 11, 2012 by billhandler

Warm, comfortable and inviting.

So you’re dreaming about retiring to Florida…
Any minute now you see yourself hopping on I95 happily knowing you’ll never have to hear that alarm clock ever again in your life!!
Wild images of endless hours playing golf, tennis or bridge keep flashing before your eyes…fun parties with all kinds of new friends everyone excited about meeting each other, going out to great restaurants, lying on the beach listening to the waves….sounds wonderful doesn’t it?…and it is folks but…..
Before you jump into buying your brand new retirement home in a town you think you’re going to love, ask yourself the following very important question.
“From the moment I get up in the morning, what will I look forward to, what will give me that feeling of bliss…that sense that right this moment, all is well with the world?”
How do you want to live…in what type of physical environment. .. and then…. where in Florida is your most perfect retirement town?
Close your eyes and visualize this community. Is it a big resort style city that attracts lots of tourists, for example, Orlando or Miami with of course lots of traffic, not that that’s such a bad thing because as a retiree you can choose the right time of day to get around. Is it a town perhaps that is “Olde Florida”?
Do you want to sip your morning java on the 10th floor balcony of a beautiful hi rise gleefully thinking how happy you are not to be part of the cacophony below?
Would you prefer a quiet lanai with your devoted family dog (who by the way is also happy about this change of lifestyle) …both of you gazing at a tranquil water view… watching a couple of turtles lazily climbing up the bank of the lake getting ready to hang out for a couple of hours in the morning sun.
Again, dream some more Mr. and Mrs. Retiree……what feels right? And it’s all about feelings everyone because that’s the essence of who you are and what your soul is most comfortable doing.
So, first … how do you want to live…in what type of physical environment. .. Then where in Florida is your most perfect retirement town.
We at the GHO Homes Team know a very special place because we’ve been building in this great “Olde Florida” town for the last 15 years. The secret is out …this idyllic small town is called VERO BEACH…
Give me a few more minutes of your time and I’ll try to paint an image of this unusual community and maybe you’ll be intrigued and will come visit us.
We have beautiful, clean beaches easy to get to and there’s free parking. Our boardwalk is small but is fabulous for evening walks and the best ice cream shop in the world is right there….I recommend the Stellar Coffee or the Dulce de Leche …amazing!!
No high rises will block the sun so you’ll be able to get that glorious tan. There is charming boutique shopping on Ocean Drive with some local eateries and two very beautiful hotels ready for your visiting guests.
Golf, golf and more golf… and…if you feel like being 12 years old again…visit South County park on Tuesday and Friday and play softball with a bunch of very happy retirees…listen to their fun chatter and kidding in the dugouts…ya just got to smile when you listen to their good natured digs at each other.
Polo anyone?…it’s here at Windsor and also Pointe West.
Top seeded tennis player Mardy Fish calls Vero Beach home…… so you know there’s plenty of tennis for you.
If you’re passionate about fishing and boating…we have a marina so you can enjoy lazy days on the Intracoastal and for ocean fishing the Ft. Pierce inlet is only a short drive south.
For you dedicated Bridge players, Vero Beach is home to the 7th largest (face to face) bridge club in the United States!!!!
Have you always wanted to take painting or sculpture lessons? The Vero Beach Museum of Art is waiting for you…lessons in everything your creative mind can visualize…..Move over Matisse!!!!
The Riverside Theatre is our very own professional theatre performing wonderful Broadway Shows…also it has a Comedy Club with a very cool nightclub vibe…great fun.
There are simply wonderful, uplifting performances by the Vero Beach High School in their very own state of the art theatre. Our high school won top honors at the National Orchestra Festival in Kansas City this past year…an amazing achievement for such a small town!!!!
And, finally…if you want to give back, there are lots of opportunities to work with and inspire our children, or to volunteer at our hospital…there’s plenty to do to fill up your day and feel oh so good about yourself.
The GHO Homes Team has been creating happiness for its homeowners for the last 15 years in Vero Beach and now we’re hard at work building more gorgeous homes in 5 communities with pricing structures to satisfy everyone’s check books…and ready to move in homes when you ‘re ready.
Visit our website You can also call us directly at 772-257-1100

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