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Posted on March 17, 2012 by billhandler

Carson Model Home

There’s a movement that’s rapidly gathering strength throughout our country… …..It’s a grassroots groundswell that’s all about helping our own communities regain their dignity and pride…..
It comes from a feeling of needing an identity….the need to know our hearts are anchored and we’re immensely proud of where are roots are firmly planted.
As Americans, we are justifiably proud of our hometowns and the individuality and uniqueness of our local shops and restaurants…and the result is we’re all doing our best to BUY LOCAL!!!
For example… the local restaurant wants to buy his produce from the local grower so the more we eat out in this restaurant the better it is for the restaurant , the local grower….and for us…..for when our town does well, we all thrive. We as a people have an inherent generosity….we want to see everyone doing well!!!!!
And so it is for the local builder.
GHO HOMES has been building in Vero Beach for over twenty years….and we’re so proud of what we’ve contributed to the citizens of this pretty Olde Florida town.
Our lovely Indian River County landscape is dotted with lovely communities that we’ve created…so far twelve communities and counting. As I write, we are creating more dream homes in 6 more communities….with amazing price points and incredible values from $170,000 to upper $300’s.
There’s a comfort in knowing just who is building your nest, someone you can actually talk to…experts with many years of experience in building happy, successful communities.
Here at GHO when you’re ready to sit down and go over your plans….you get to meet with our building supers who’ve been with the company over 15 years…..and our President may be there also!!!
We know you’ve dreamed about this retirement home in gorgeous Florida for such a long time and we want to do all we can to make it your happy reality.

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